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Sunday, October 25, 2009
We've been getting an increasing amount of email, phone calls, and other inquiries about repairing customers' TiVos. We've got a lot of resources on our site about this, since that represents a fair amount of the business we do. Here are some of those resources:

-TiVo Repair Resources - A page on our blog listing a variety of places to help diagnose and repair, or have repaired, your TiVo DVR.

-TiVo Repair at TiVopedia - For a different slant on the same TiVo issues, check out this quick listing.


-TiVo Repair at WeaKnees - On our mothership site, we've got good info about what you can repair in your TiVo yourself, parts and tools to help, and what TiVo repairs need to happen at WeaKnees, including board-level repairs and repairs that require an advanced diagnosis.

As the number of older TiVos out there increases, we're find more and more ways to keep them running. So if you have lifetime service, or if you just love your TiVo, we're here to help!
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
We've created a website with tons of TiVo reference information.

It's a free reference site, just like our free upgrade instructions. Check it out!
Thursday, October 30, 2008
I should add that most of my posting these days is over on the WeaKnees TiVo Blog. That's where we typically post all company news, and news about TiVo and our other products. So take a look there for tons and tons of info about the world of DVRs.
Wow - this blog is a blast from the past. I know I haven't posted here in quite a while, but WeaKnees is still rolling along, and our Interactive TiVo Upgrade Instructions are still active and still helping lots and lots of TiVo addicts!
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
We've added the TCD648250B units to our upgrade instructions, and we've added a new downloadable CD (still free!) that contains a version of Linux that supports SATA drives. Check it out!
Thursday, November 09, 2006
The forums that we once used to cover our upgrade instructions have been changing (read: commercializing) and so help with our free instructions has to move. For this and other reasons, at WeaKnees we've opened our own forums, so that we can continue letting experts and novices post questions and answers in as open and unrestricted a format as possible.

Our new TiVo Upgrade forums are here:

TiVo Upgrade Forums

You'll notice that we have a forum specifically for Hinsdale instructions, a set of instructions in many ways similar to ours but created with a very different approach. In any event, support for these instructions has been missing from the forum for some time, so we figured it was time to resurrect it here.

Finally, if you want to discuss other TiVo upgrade approachs, or other online guides, you can do that on our forums also. Please check them out.
Tuesday, May 09, 2006
We've added support for the new Dual Tuner TiVos.

These new units can hold two drives, but there's no bracket yet to hold the second drive, so for now, we only have instructions to replace your existing drive with a larger drive.
Friday, August 05, 2005
Major changes are in. The Interactive TiVo Upgrade Instructions now officially support the latest large-kernel-aware TiVo OSes on the Series 2 units.

These Series 2 units can now use larger drives with these instructions, provided you have TiVo OS 7.1 or later:

TiVo Models:

Sony SVR-3000

And these DIRECTV models can do the same, with OS 6.2 or later:





The instructions will ask you if you have the latest OS, and, if so, they'll take you to the right link to download the WeaKnees Large Kernel boot cd so that you can take full advantage of the larger drives.

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